5 Tips on Caring for Women’s Leather Bags

In general, bags made of leather look more elegant and beautiful. Likewise with the price to be paid, most leather bags are more expensive than other materials. Well, right, if you have an expensive leather bag, but you can’t take care of it properly. It could be, bags that originally looked elegant so look ugly and unimpressive.
Here’s how to care for a leather bag so it doesn’t get damaged quickly:

1. Avoid direct contact with sunlight for a long time

This is because exposure to sunlight can damage the surface of the skin of the bag, for example cracked or looks like a crack. As the first treatment, you should give lotion or butte cream to your entire genuine leather. Do not immediately pour lotion on the skin, because it will cause a new stain, you should pour the lotion into your palm first, then rub it in your hands first, then you wipe your genuine leather bag with the hands that have mixed the lotion. Apply a little light pressure so that the lotion really absorbs perfectly into your genuine leather layer. Then take a towel / soft cloth to flatten all the lotions that have been stamped on your genuine leather, rub “until your genuine leather is not sticky with the lotion, then air it for a while, then put it back in your bag holster.

2. Avoid water

If the bag is already exposed to water, immediately dry it with a dry cloth and soft texture. If you don’t dry out immediately, and store it in a moist environment, mold will start growing in your bag. The fungus can be removed by rubbing it with a soft textured cloth. If the white patches are on the inside of the bag, wipe with a soft brush and then rub with a dry cloth. You can use special skin soap or special skin cleansing creams, both of which can be obtained at supermarkets. To make it shiny, scrub it with a soft fabric.

3. Skin vs Plastic

Do not keep leather bags sticking to or close to plastic bags. Plastic bags can absorb color dyes on the skin. As a result, stains can appear on the bag that looks like being hit by mold. If you have this bag, you will get a stain that is difficult to remove, and whether you want it or not, you have to color it again.

4. Avoiding fungus

If the bag is stored in a cupboard, use a moisturizing product such as camphor or silica gel that can be purchased at a pharmacy. Put it in a bag so it won’t be moldy. The cupboard where you keep your bag must also give you camphor / other moisture absorption. This is very important, once in a while you have to open your cupboard, so that the air circulation can be changed to a new air, too moist cabinets are not good and can also change the leather scent from your bag to smell musty, very unfortunate right?

5. Avoiding small animals

Be careful for those of you who keep your genuine leather bags in a wooden cupboard, there are some small animals that really like living in wooden cabinets, like mites, termites etc.
To avoid mites and other small animals you have to frequently unload the contents of the closet, remove all your collection of bags, empty the cupboard. You can also use wood oil which is like vernish wood to wipe cupboards. Not only the outside must be wiped, but also the inside. Then leave it for a while until the liquid odor is not too overpowering anymore. Next, don’t forget to put camphor / moist absorbent in your cupboard.

You can do this at least once a month. Your style will still look charming with your leather bag.


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