The Birth and Development of Chanel is also the Rise of Fashion

Ms. Chanel is the founder of the Chanel brand. Even those who have a lot of understanding of this international luxury brand may not know much about Ms. Chanel, but as a true brand connotation, by its founder The impact is inevitable. Often the personality and attitude of the brand founders, most of them will be given one or two on their own brands. Let me introduce the story of Chanel founder Chanel. Born in 1883, Chanel is the second child of a poor French unmarried couple. Her father is a groceries from Mount Ceven, and her mother is a shepherd in the Auvergne Mountains. It is said that Chanel was born in Saumur, France; another claim was born in Auvergne, in the mountains of southern France. In fact, the legends about her life experience have always been different, and Chanel’s death to avoid and cover up, even more cast a fog on her birth. Chanel’s childhood is unfortunate. When her mother died at the age of twelve, her father left her and four brothers and sisters. Since then, she has been raised by her aunt and entered the Convent School as a child, where she learned a needlework technique.

In 1910, Coco opened a millinery shop in Paris, using extraordinary needlework techniques to sew a hat that was simple and sleek. Her two confidants introduced her to many celebrity guests. At that time, the ladies were tired of the delicate trim, so Chanel’s simple, comfortable hat was as cool as a gentle spring to them. In just one year, business has risen and Coco has moved her store to the more fashionable Rue Cambon (Kangming Street District), which is still the base of Chanel’s headquarters. Doing a hat must not satisfy Coco’s ambitions for fashion, so she entered the field of Haute Couture.

In 1914, Coco Chanel opened two fashion stores, and the fashion brand “Chanel”, which influenced the future generation, was officially born.

In the 1920s, Chanel designed a number of innovative styles, such as the tricot sailor dress, the little black dress, and the collar jacket. Moreover, Coco took inspiration from men’s wear, adding a little more men’s taste to women’s wear, and changing the glamorous style of women’s clothing. For example, the Blazer is added to the women’s collection and women’s trousers are also introduced. Don’t forget that women only wear skirts in the 1920s. Coco’s series of creations brought a major revolution to the history of modern fashion. Coco’s unique insights into fashion aesthetics and her rare talents have made her a lot of poets, painters and intellectuals. Among her friends are the abstract painting master Picasso and the French poet director Shang. Jean Cocteau and so on. It is the golden age of French fashion and art development. In 1914, Coco opened two fashion stores, which influenced the later fashion brand Chanel to be officially born.

Chanel has never married in her life. She creates a great fashion empire and pursues the life she wants. It is the best example of women’s autonomy and the new era woman who knows the most emotional pleasure. She traveled with the British nobleman ETIENNE BALSAN, and the other funded her to open the first bonnet store, while another ARTHUR CAPEL funded the fashion store; she traveled with the Duke of Westminster to inspire the design of the first tweed suit. Every man in life stimulates the source of creativity. She does not rely on luck alone, but works very hard and earnestly. Even when she is over 70 years old, she still has a comeback.


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